SKK Malaysia was established since 1983, with 30 years of history in Malaysia to provide superior products and professional services in the market.

With state-of-the-art technology fully imported from Finland, SKK OasisTM is a Computerized tinting machine that lets you accurately choose the right shades, tint, hue, and accent of colour with just a touch of a button.

First choose the right paint for your specific needs then choose the colour of your choice from our SKK OasisTM fan deck with over 10,000 shades or Oasis Color Card. Just key in the colour code and the computer will automatically send the selected colour to the dispenser. Within minutes your paint will be ready.

SKK OasisTM offers you a choice of Acristar Sheild, Acristar Pearl, Acristar Beauty, Acristar Guard, Acristar Easy-Off and Please Coat and SK Gloss.