Founded in 2002, Hume Roofing Products Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Leong Group, an established corporate entity that has grown and developed in tandem with the nation of Malaysia.

Valuing quality, honour and integrity above all else, and armed with an inimitable spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the Group is today one of the largest conglomerates in ASEAN with a staff force of over 40,000 personnel worldwide and many reputable companies listed on global stock exchanges.

The Group is involved in a variety of industries including banking and financial services, property development and investments, hospitality and leisure, principal investment, as well as manufacturing and distribution. The revenue in this final sector amounts to over USD2.6 billion, driven by its commitment to producing the highest quality goods at competitive prices through continuous innovation, research and development, and process improvement.

Hume Roofing Products Sdn. Bhd. manufactures and markets premium quality concrete roofing tiles. As a pioneering force in the Malaysian building material industry, Hume Roofing has helped add distinctive colour and character to the country’s pitched roof landscape, whether in residential, commercial or public developments around the country. Through our two factories strategically located in Khantan (Perak) and Bandar Tenggara (Johor), we ensure that our products are readily available throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Hume Roofing is a key component of Hume Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd’s manufacturing offerings, a leading concrete product manufacturer and solutions provider that has inherited the Group’s established values and philosophies. The company is one of the largest building material suppliers in Malaysia, producing and supplying high quality pre-cast concrete products and solutions for major projects in both domestic and international settings. But over and above that, the history of Hume Industries is intertwined with that of Malaysia, the company was there at the birth of the nation, played a part in its rapid development and improvement, and continues to support its rise till the present day.